Shoulders of Giants

This blog contains the ramblings of a young man in observation of the world around him with a need to find truth and clarity.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


This nation was founded above all else on the principle that all humans are entitled to the pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness. This statement, which is an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence, does not exclude anyone. It pertains to the entire human race.

In response to the OPINION that our country is being overrun by and bending to the needs of immigrants, (an opinion I heard too many times today) I say this:

The entity (be that a person, animal, country, ideology, business, what have you) that is most able to adapt in a timely and effective manner to its surroundings will have the greatest chance for success (read survival).

Please try to keep things in perspective whenever you make or read an ideological statement. This country is very young indeed at only about 230 years old. The age of the universe is about 14 billion years. Our sun, solar system, and earth are about 4.5 billion years old. The human race is about 3 million years old, and the first writings, recorded history, and unified states occurred about 5 thousand years ago. In that short 5,000 years, nations, religions, and all manner of alliances among men have formed, risen to power, and faltered. Although we may say and feel that we are the greatest civilization in history, we do not have much history to reference.

Please keep an open mind, strive to view things in a context and with a perspective larger than that of the individual, larger than that of local community, our nation and political persuasion, larger than our generation and of those that have been and will be, larger than our planet.